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David E. Pascoe is a ne’er-do-well of broad interests and little focus. He spent his childhood firmly ensconced in worlds of fantasy and science fiction with brief sorties into worlds of contemporary, horror and historical fiction of various stripes and inclinations. After rigorous intellectual training in theology and philosophy, he elected to enlist in the United States Navy, during which he used none of his skills to particularly good effect. Upon his separation from active duty, he dove back into speculative fiction, but this time as a content creator. He writes in several genre, and if you behave very well, dear reader, you may even get to sample some his efforts. David spends his time in relative isolation somewhere on the East Part of the North American continent. His time is devoured by his infant son, and caring for his wife. Writing has taken something of a back seat, a circumstance not David's liking, nor to that of the characters occupying his head. They seem to be organizing a strike . . .

My Mad Genius cohort, Amanda Green, is filling in for Her Hoytness (the BbESP) over at the Club today, while Mum (she had me by adoption) is at Denver Comic Con this weekend. Amanda reflects on the weekend, and the … Continue reading

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Space Opera

The other day, I put this up over at the Mad Genius Club, where I’ve got a monthly slot. It’s a new project that I’m very much enjoying. I don’t have a title, but it’s fun so far. I hope … Continue reading

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Raiding Party!

My monthly post is up over at According to Hoyt, wherein I wax confusing about how the world is coming to an end. Or is it? And so what?

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My Own Little Slice of Pi

My monthly post is up at Mad Genius Club, in which I was eloquent about my new toys. Seriously, I’m jazzed about my new writing computer. It’s, it’s … just go read. So I got a new toy tool a … Continue reading

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Plus Ca Change

Got a new Raiding Party post up over at According to Hoyt, wherein I discuss just how short the public attention span is, and why this isn’t necessarily a Bad Thing(TM). When I was a wee, young lad, my farthest … Continue reading

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