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My Mad Genius cohort, Amanda Green, is filling in for Her Hoytness (the BbESP) over at the Club today, while Mum (she had me by adoption) is at Denver Comic Con this weekend. Amanda reflects on the weekend, and the … Continue reading

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My Own Little Slice of Pi

My monthly post is up at Mad Genius Club, in which I was eloquent about my new toys. Seriously, I’m jazzed about my new writing computer. It’s, it’s … just go read. So I got a new toy tool a … Continue reading

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You don’t have to be mad to work here . . .

I have a new post up over at the Organization of Slightly-Vexed Boffins discussing the current nonsense floating about the InterWebz as regards intersectionality and it’s (poor) application to publishing and reading and writing. Here’s a taste: Badthink; Wrongfun I … Continue reading

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