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Posts about life in general. These apply to writing, but also apply to so many other arenas that they defy simple categorization.

My Mad Genius cohort, Amanda Green, is filling in for Her Hoytness (the BbESP) over at the Club today, while Mum (she had me by adoption) is at Denver Comic Con this weekend. Amanda reflects on the weekend, and the … Continue reading

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Raiding Party at ATH

That’s right: the Huns are sweeping down out of the CIS-Alps. Or, or something. Anyway, I’ve got a little thing up at According To Hoyt wherein I talk about how bad things aren’t. Not really. Could be lots worse. Lucifer’s … Continue reading

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Where Has the Time Gone?

Wow. It’s been a while. I’d love to say I’ve been busy (and that’s true, but incomplete), but really, I have no excuses. Not even a lengthy visit to an alternate dimension. Dammit. I have been posting other places. I … Continue reading

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WorldCon AAR

For a couple of years now, Mrs. Dave and I have attended (far more intermittently than we’d like) science fiction conventions. Two years ago this past weekend, we made friends with Howard Tayler of Schlock Mercenary fame and his lovely … Continue reading

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WorldCon, and sundries

Mrs. Dave and I are headed to San Antonio AS I TYPE THIS!! Aren’t you excited to join us on this adventure? Well? ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED? (I always imagine myself in a lorica when I say that. S’fun) We’ll … Continue reading

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