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WorldCon AAR

For a couple of years now, Mrs. Dave and I have attended (far more intermittently than we’d like) science fiction conventions. Two years ago this past weekend, we made friends with Howard Tayler of Schlock Mercenary fame and his lovely … Continue reading

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This is an Early Days post. I’m still relatively young to a bunch of things about writing and publishing. I’m using this forum as a journal – more or less – to track such things. Later on, I’ll come back … Continue reading

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Update the Nth

I’ve spent a goodly portion of the last couple-few days building knowledge base. After an exchange with one of my guides (don’t have an official mentor, don’t do gurus), I’ve decided to shift my publishing goals. I’ll be releasing the … Continue reading

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First off, this isn’t the wonder-and-awe variety, though I enjoy that when it happens. This is more a case of I-wonder-if, and not of the variety I particularly enjoy. The biggest problem with an n=1 experiment is that you have … Continue reading

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